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Jan 1 - Mar 1, 2008

In Health: Jan-Feb, 2008

Health & Home

  • Plants For Good Health

    A former plantscaper to the stars brings her knowledge of the health and aesthetic benefits of houseplants to the Inland Northwest

    By Ann M. Colford

  • Ask Dr. Matt

    Is there any reason I should send my kids to a pediatric dentist instead of the dentist I go to?

    By Matt Thompson

  • Snowball Into Health

    Locally owned restaurants can help diners build up healthy food choices

    By Patty Seebeck

  • Patient's Advocate

    Looking over a long, rewarding career with Dr. George Schneider

    By Mick Lloyd-Owen

  • Love Meets Logic

    By providing logical consequences for kids’ misbehavior, parents may be able to stop nagging and still see results

    By Lisa Fairbanks-Rossi

  • Visions of Youth

    New lens implants help cataract sufferers see like they did long ago

    By Anne McGregor

  • Radically Hip

    Thanks to a new approach, getting a new hip doesn’t have to entail a big incision

    By Laura Papetti

  • Traveling For Surgery

    How about an angioplasty after you’re done snorkeling? With increasing medical costs at home, more Americans are getting operations while on vacation

    By Cindy Loose

  • Diving Into Health

    Clients at a Spokane Valley medical clinic find being under a lot of pressure can be a good thing

    By Anne McGregor

  • The Massachusetts Experiment

    By David S. Bernstein

  • Making Sense of MRSA

    A little knowledge goes a long way in preventing the spread of MRSA

    By Julie Graham

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