A wealth of experiences to read from in this summer's Health & Home

From the Editor

Anne McGregor, Health & Home editor
Anne McGregor, Health & Home editor

This issue of Health & Home has been such fun to work on! Our midcentury modern Home section features some of the area's best examples of the stylish, sleek designs created by notable architects working in Spokane in the '50s and '60s. I was lucky enough to go on a couple photo shoots for the story, and I became fascinated with the crisp, confident design of these homes.

Part of the charm of midcentury is in its minimalist design, and that's perhaps why it resonates with us today, in a hectic world of constant news updates and ever-changing "needs" for the latest stuff. In fact, research has shown new stuff only induces a short-term burst of happiness; more long-term satisfaction comes from cultivating experiences.

Samantha Wohlfeil's cover story ("Bye-Bye Burnout,) explores the health benefits of taking a vacation — an expenditure that not only doesn't result in cluttering up your space, but can also improve the health of your heart, help you sleep better and boost your feelings of happiness. Even better, the benefits start when you begin planning. And E.J. Iannelli looks at the myriad benefits another experience — simply going outdoors and hanging out — has on kids' behavior. Between those two stories, you'll be wanting to plan your next camping trip!