Importing Good Taste: Best Asian Market helps import exotic flavors into home kitchens

Importing Good Taste: Best Asian Market helps import exotic flavors into home kitchens
Young Kwak
Van Chiu has made Best Asian Market one of the big draws in the Sprague Union District.

The shelves of Best Asian Market are stocked full of noodles, cans, sauces and other brightly packaged goodies printed with characters that are unfamiliar to non-native speaking customers. It all seems to jump out at you inside the building that was first built as a grocery store more than 80 years ago, located in Spokane's newly rebranded Sprague Union District.

The market is big — nearly 6,000 square feet — offering its mostly Asian customer base a little bit of everything. But even though owner Van Chiu is from Vietnam originally, the market doesn't focus on any one nationality or product.

Chiu and his family emigrated from Vietnam to a refugee camp in Thailand in 1979 and ultimately landed in Los Angeles, where he grew up. Chiu would later study civil engineering and earn his Ph.D. from UCLA. The firm he was working for after college eventually closed shop, so Chiu decided to take a year off to be with his siblings in Spokane. The break didn't last long, though, as Chiu soon saw a business opportunity at Best Asian Market, formerly Bay Oriental Market. He purchased the market in May 2003 as a business venture for his family. He didn't plan to stay for long, but he's kept busy 15 years later.

The real reward of the business has been the opportunity to give back to the community: Almost all of the market's 10 or so employees are immigrants or refugees from Asian countries, Chiu says. The market also regularly makes in-kind donations to benefit St. Anthony's in Spokane, a church with a large Vietnamese population, as well as the Spokane Buddhist Temple.

"I come from an immigrant family," says Chiu, "[and] one thing we pride ourselves in, we hire other immigrants who [are] fleeing persecution. Quite a few of them work for us."

Find Best Asian Market at 2022 E. Sprague Ave., 534-9300.


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Oriental Market

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