Gifts for Local Sports Fans

There are a lot of things going well if you're a sports fan in the Inland Northwest. The Seahawks remain relevant and inarguably decent. The Zags remain at the top of West Coast basketball and college basketball as a whole. The Cougars had one of their best seasons in recent memory. Let's give good tidings to those fanatics we know.


Help prove your Zag fan's loyalty to the red, white and navy blue with Ebbets Field's awesome throwback to the Bulldogs' Big Sky days. The hat comes in traditional baseball hat sizes as well as adjustable sizes, in case you don't want to figure out how to stealthily measure his or her dome. $49 •


As a sneakerhead, let me be the first to tell you that nothing throws off a good pair of kicks like some tame or lackluster socks. If you're helping your bullpup fulfill their basketball goals, be it on hardwood or the streets of Hoopfest, help them do so in style with these rad and loud GU socks. $18 • Zag Shop • 801 E. Desmet Ave.


It was easy to lose hope if you were a 12 looking at where the Hawks were headed after a mass exodus of their highest profile players and the end of the Legion of Boom. You heard of locker room strife, an assessment of the roster being one of — if not the — weakest in the league in terms of talent. But you never doubted (did you?). Prove that devotion with a fresh 3-foot-by-5-foot flag to hang outside or inside the cave to prove that your faith has always been unwavering. $35 • Just Sports • NorthTown Mall


What a year for the crazy pirate of the Palouse. As Leach has become the apple of the national media's eye with his zany press conferences and post-game interviews, give your sports fan a little peek into the intellectual peculiarities that make Mike Leach a mad genius. It was recently announced by Leach that he was looking into teaching a weekly evening class at WSU that combined football strategies with the strategies of the military. His book about the Native American war hero and leader Geronimo similarly looks at how real-life strategists with real-life consequences inform the man's tactics on the gridiron. $17 • Auntie's Bookstore • 404 W. Main