Readers respond to inaccurate journalism, Affordable Care Act ruling

Letters to the editor

City of Spokane Valley photo
Spokane Valley City Hall

Readers respond to an inaccurate article from the Seattle PI about the Spokane Valley voting to split Washington into two states (12/18/18):

Scott Wilburn: I've invested too much in the Spokane community to have us become the anti-gay Mississippi of the north.

Terry Parker: Every county on the east side of the Cascades receives more money from Olympia than they supply in state tax revenues. Every one. Without King County, this side of the state is a third world nation. Or Idaho.

Chris Warren: Do people around here actually think that if the Spokane Valley City Council voted on it, that would mean that it would happen...? Really...?

Nathan Lansing: You'll forgive us if we have difficulty believing that when the municipality in question helped elect Matt Shea. ♦

Readers respond to an article on about a Texas judge ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional (12/15/18):

Angela Lalonde: Universal health care. It's time to completely decouple insurance from employers.

Patricia Rudine: The only fix that will work is universal health care. I'm for taking out the middleman insurance companies altogether. Why should they get a cut every month for me to see my doctor once in a while?

Sarah Christine: The epitome of activist judge. Really scary times we dwell in.

Fred DeFord: The ACA was always about getting the "poor" and broke and low income folks' vote. Democrat representatives know they can simply purchase votes by giving away tax dollars to greedy people that vote for their own personal best interests rather than the entire country's.

Steve Berde: Best thing that could happen to insure health care for all. If the Supreme Court hears the case and tosses it then, we'll see a major move by Congress if they punt it over for the GOP to eliminate it. The public will demand a major overhaul for health care. ♦