Spokane police kill man carrying a knife, climate activists confront PR problem, and other headlines


COVER: Is it possible to convey the realities of climate change without making it seem completely hopeless? Staff writer Samantha Wohlfeil dives into the issue.

NEWS: In all likelihood, a new Sportsplex will be going downtown by the Spokane Arena. Here's all the details, including who's paying for it.

NEWS: There may be new momentum to build a new Spokane County Jail.

NEWS: Avista and Hyrdo One have taken the hint from the utility commissions in two different states and have called off their merger.


Police shooting
Spokane Police officers shot and killed a man who they say approached them with a knife. (KREM)

Peek into the past
What did Spokane look like more than 100 years ago? This rare film may give you an idea.

Tapping out
The wildly successful North Idaho College wrestling coach was fired, and nobody can explain why. (Spokesman-Review)

Union in delay
The government is still shut down, and President Trump agreed to delay his State of the Union address until it reopens. (New York Times)