We nominate four strains to best go with your weekend Oscar viewing

Cinema is my favorite art form due to its multimodal impact. It's a medium able to capture the essence of what makes sound and music so vital while also highlighting the depth and wonderment of how an image — moving or still — can instantaneously imply and explicitly state a multitude of ideas.

With the yearly celebration of the form occurring this weekend, here are some strains that will highlight or embrace some of the nominees.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The awards season surprise of many, Bohemian Rhapsody could be the "case study of case studies" for where critical reception and movie-goer approval diverges. If you're one to appreciate traditional editing, inspired dialogue or a plot progression that isn't laborious, I would suggest relying heavily on this indica strain that will help put those needs to bed. Giggle at the hyper-paced fast cuts. Embrace the wardrobe. The quick acting blunt high will make you focus on the fun of Rami Malek as Freddie rather than all the wires holding it somewhat together. Be prepared to get pummeled by that World AIDS concert scene.

Laughing Buddha
The Favourite

There are few things I love more than director Yorgos Lanthimos and this strain (separately or together). His most accessible film to date, The Favourite is an impossibly fun dark comedy with equal parts period piece thrills. The high-speed euphoria brought by Laughing Buddha only emboldens Olivia Colman's magnificent performance and makes you laugh a bit harder at the razor sharp cynicism.

Lemon Larry

An "ocean grown" indica from Orange County, Lemon Larry, or Larry OG, is a great pairing for one of greatest accomplishments in modern cinema. Its body-buzzing high won't overpower the many personal and social messages Alfonso Cuaron crafted throughout his 2018 indie. The strain is known for helping users remain creative while also enabling a steady relaxation.

Alice in Wonderland
Free Solo and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

There haven't been two more visually daunting films this last year for me than Free Solo and Into the Spider-Verse. Nominated for Best Documentary and Best Animated Film respectively, both could only be enhanced by this strain alone. The focusing and euphoric sativa dominant hybrid will amp your eye while still letting you relax and let visual wonderment wash you over. Enjoy the punch of watching climber Alex Honnold do his insane thing. Embrace the obliteration of the visual marvels brought on by the team that brought the stop-motion story of Miles Morales' Spider-Man to life. ♦