A summertime packing list for a weedy day

Don't leave home without 'em.
Don't leave home without 'em.

Cannabis, just like the splendor of a summer's day, is a gift from Mother Nature. But this is America and we like man-made products. At least I do. And while you don't need much to enjoy a summer's day, I've noticed it's nice to have just a couple items if you're going to enjoy one with weed.

These are the four things I don't want to be without on a glorious weedy day.


Obviously a weedy weekend needs weed, and nothing is more on-the-go friendly than a vape pen. Other than edibles, there's not a more discreet way to consume cannabis. They don't smell when they're not being used, and they barely smell when they are. Plus, they're super sharable and great for dialing in that perfect level of buzz. My little silver one by Bodhi High has three voltage settings for delivering the most precise of puffs.


Bloodshot eyes are the worst. They don't look good, they're uncomfortable, and they're one of the biggest giveaways that somebody has been smoking. Not that anybody should care, but still. Thankfully, eye drops exist. My go-to brand is Rohto Cool because the cooling sensation each drop gives your eye kind of hurts, and it's kind of fun. Which makes me think that maybe, even though it's not listed as an ingredient, they're just bleach. Either way, they make my eyes amazingly white.


Whether I'm trying to get somewhere but can't drive, or am just getting out of the house and going for a stroll, weed often leads to walking. Just how music is made better with weed, walking is made better with music. Adding a soundtrack to your trek is as easy as popping a pair of earbuds in — once you've managed to untangle the knot they tied themselves into while sitting in your pocket. They're not as good as real headphones, but the earbuds that came with my iPhone put out a pretty solid sound.


Drink more water. Everybody, whether they're stoned or not, should be drinking more water. It's especially important when you are stoned, though, because dry mouth is real and also gross. I carry around a bulky, one liter Nalgene bottle. Filling it all the way up and then progressively finishing it off feels like an accomplishment, as does simply taking a sip from the wide mouth without spilling any. Water definitely takes up the most space of anything I carry around, but it's worth the effort. ♦