Local Goods: It's not just about knowing where your food comes from, but who it comes from

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Revival Tea Company Fresh Chai
With Revival, you'll always know what's in your cup. Made with black tea, cinnamon, ginger root, raw wildflower honey, cloves, all spice, cardamom, fennel and black peppercorns, each cup is equally sweet as it is spicy. Each canister of chai tea holds approximately 30 cups and can be purchased at My Fresh Basket for $20. revivalteacompany.com

Wildbeary All Natural
Rhubarb & Vanilla Spread This spread tastes like summer. Tart and sweet, this spread goes great on a piece of toast, or on an ice cream sundae. Made by hand in Hayden, Idaho, this spread is a lower sugar alternative to jams and jellies. Wildbeary's parent company, Shaver Farms is owned by two sisters Lori Mayfield and Charlene Shaver and run on one philosophy: high quality products using all natural ingredients served with great customer service. Available for $6 at My Fresh Basket. shaverfarms.com

Prairie Pantry NeedaCookie
From Five Mile Prairie, in northwest Spokane, NeedACookies are gluten-free delights baked with sustainable ingredients and sourced from socially and environmentally conscious suppliers. You can buy these cookies individually in stores around town, inlcuding at Huckleberry's, Natural Grocers and Main Market. prairiepantryllc.com

Irish Spike's Unique Hot Sauces
This collection has a flavor for everyone. With Drunken Green, Pink Flame-ingo, Whiskey and Coffee and Carribean Vacation Sauce, they're truly unique. Based out of Moscow, Idaho, these hot sauces are a chef's dream turned into a reality. Just make sure you can handle the heat. $12-13 a bottle, including shipping. myhottestlife.com

Side Hustle Syrups
He was on a quest to make a signature ginger beer for the Dry Fly Distilling tasting room. In trying to make a mean Moscow mule, Dillon Hueser found what worked best was using natural ginger syrup mixed with sparkling seltzer waters. Then Side Hustle was born. These syrups, which now come in a variety of flavors like the classic Ginger Beer, Lemon-Lavender and Elderflower, can be used for cocktails, as well as in coffee or for baking. Their Ginger Beer Syrup is $15 for 8 ounces. sidehustlesyrups.com

Selling beautifully decorated lavender macarons and rich chocolate macarons, this French bakery on East Sprague does not disappoint. Perfectly airy and sweet flavor, these decadent French macarons have an equally adorable love story. A classically trained executive pastry chef meets a bright-eyed entrepreneur and on their second date, he tastes one of her macarons. And the rest is history. $2.89 each. miflavour.com

Sunny Pine Farm
Sunny Pine isn't just a good way to describe Washington as a summer scent, but it's also a small family owned dairy farm in Twisp, Washington. Producing high quality goat milk products, this chevre sends your tastebuds across the world to France. You can find this lavender honey chevre, and their other flavors at Huckleberry's Market, Main Market Co-op and My Fresh Basket. $10. sunnypinefarm.com