Additional security at Ferris after threats, Spokane students without vaccines could have to stay home, and other headlines


Budding rock stars gather in a Spokane Valley home each week to rehearse their best Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury impersonations while working on finding their own style as part of Rock Club.

GREEN ZONE: Vaping bans are sweeping the country as illnesses continue to be linked with the practice.


Kurdish fighters strike deal with Syrian government forces to fight Turkey

U.S.-backed Kurdish forces struck a deal with the Syrian government's forces this weekend to take on military strikes that Turkey started after American troops were pulled out of the area by President Trump, the New York Times reports.

Seahawks eek out win, but more importantly, dance in sync
While the game against the Cleveland Browns looked bad at first, the Seahawks managed to scrape out a win Sunday. More importantly, one of their touchdown endzone dances took Twitter by storm as four players danced the choreography to *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye," getting top scores from members of the '90s boy band, the Seattle Times reports.

Additional security at Ferris after threats
In response to threats against specific students at Ferris High School, more police will be on campus today, which parents were notified about over the weekend, KXLY reports.

Students could be told to stay home if no vaccine exemption today
About two dozen students in Spokane Public Schools who still didn't have proper exemptions for vaccines could be told to stay home this week, as new state rules take effect, KREM reports.