I Saw You

Globe 12/6/2019 You struck up a convo with me while waiting at the bar and think you noticed me when first coming in the door. Commented on your accent, it's cute, you're cute... kicking myself for not chatting longer or asking for your number. So C from T working at RBA get in touch.

Lost Connection I saw you @ Drop Your Drawers in The Garland District. A few weeks back.You were wearing a red plaid coat.We discussed Art.You are rad!I was wearing all red and talked about how it felt like capitol hill in Seattle.Coffee?Email lostconnection637@yahoo.com if you are interested in getting coffee!

Garland District Two beautiful girls working @ Drop Your Drawers!I love The Garland District!I stopped in on small business Saturday.I purchased some roller skates.I will be back!Thank you so much!I will be back.Tell Sarah I said hello!:+)

All you can eat pasta and pretty boy I saw you at the north Olive Garden on Sunday. Even if you had a meatball trail, you had a smile that'd melt any parm. You were laughing and giddy and amazing. Unlimited breadsticks on me next time?

Wow. Party City Pretty Saw you down the aisle at Party City. Can't deny how awesome you looked in that Iron Man getup. I think we should play dress-up sometime!

New to Town I am new to Spokane. I love to craft and wanted to meet new people so I created Knit Knite at Elliotts an urban kitchen on Monroe. We've met up on three Wednesday evenings now and are growing friendships as well as knitted projects. The first Wednesday we had three experienced knitters and four newbies. Last week two of the newbies started different projects and we gained two more fresh-to-knit friends. I would call it a Stitch and Bitch but we don't really bitch. We keep conversation positive and definitely funny. Our sharing ranges from travel to cooking to photos of our kiddos and pets to pop culture and technology. Last week we explained the eggplant emoji to one of our expert knitters. This came up when we were discussing texting and Using emojis. I brought up how a guy friend of mine back in Anchorage was using lots of emojis and his friends were like, "Why does he keep sending me the eggplant?!" I'm inviting new and old knitters to our group as I meet people. My CHEERS is to my newly found crafter friends and to Raelene and Tony, the wonderful owners of Elliotts, for reserving the big front table for us and being so lovely to our group.

You returned the $100 "Hi good samaritan, thank you so very much for being an honest man!! I got $100. from a self checkout at the Northside Winco, Dec. 3, but forgot to grab it (a lot on my mind). You saw it and took it to customer service. I am a single woman trying to save to buy my first house. That money was going into my savings. May our Heavenly Father bless you for your values and integrity. Thank you so very much!!"

Saving Thanksgiving Cheers to Nick at Fred's Appliance! Our oven went out on Tuesday and we rushed to get a new one. Nick assisted us and we found just what we were looking for and luckily they had one in stock. The next hurdle was the delivery and the need to have it by Wednesday even though the schedule was already full. Nick made some calls and after some hurdles was able to schedule it for us to be delivered and installed. He gave us his cell phone and said not to hesitate to call if there were any problems/issues. He went above and beyond and we are grateful that he was there that day!

To Moze Thanks for being one of my favorite brothers. I miss you when I am at college sometimes. I love you!!

I'm sorry about my dog To the young woman walking her bull dog near Corbin Park: I'm so sorry my dog scared you and your dog when he jumped out of my truck and ran over to you. I know how frightening off-leash dogs can be. Again, my apologies.

Make "I saw you" great again Boo to all the "I saw yous" written to significant others. This section is for writing about a stranger you bumped into but did not exchange contact info with. It is not for writing to someone you intimately know. Happy about your anniversary? Write a love letter. Take your sweetheart out for dinner. Send them balloons at work. Whatever. But stop clogging the "I saw" you section with odes to those you have known for metaphorical eons.

BK coupons don't expire, but you can't use them My wife became disabled about 5 years ago and my daughters family came to live with us to help me care for my wife. With six of us living here, including two grand kids, I take care of preparing most meal for all of us. To get a break, for the last four years, I got in the habit of going to Burger King on Sprague near Pines, to get meals for all of us. I always keep a lot of BK's coupons around and each person picks what they would like and I would cut out coupons to help save a little money on the food. Even with the coupons, our bill would run between $25 and $35 a visit and I would get food there a couple of times a month and use 5 or 6 coupons each visit. a week or 10 days ago I made a food run to that BK and I was told that I could only use three coupons in one visit. I decided then and there that there was no use saving coupons that don't expire, if I couldn't use them. There are several fast food places in the valley that will take my coupons and money without silly rules and restrictions.

There's a crosswalk there! I often use the cross walk at Walnut &Fourth and EVERYTIME I cross the street, there are several drivers that almost hit me. I wait until I'm told to safely cross and I'm still at risk of getting ran over by the people getting off the freeway. There's a daycare at that intersection! You people need to slow the heck down before someone gets hurt! How bad would you feel if you killed someone? If you don't care about others, consider the tickets, court dates and possible jail time you will have to deal with. Watch for pedestrians..... They'll stay alive and you'll stay out of trouble.

Mean old man We are new here. We just got a puppy We googled dog friendly hikes. Painted rock trailhead came up. We were so busy coaxing the puppy to walk on his lease. We didn't read the sign. We were about a 1/4 of a mile up knob head. This old man came up screaming at us about the dog. He took our picture. Then pretended to call the police. We said we googled it and it said this was a dog friendly trail. The mean old man said we were lying. There was zero reason to be a nasty old rude man. Shame on you

Air Pollution It's the gift-getting season! If you receive scented body products, please enjoy them in the privacy of your own home. It will be appreciated if you do not wear them to workplaces, houses of worship, restaurants, theaters, sporting events, etc. Not everyone shares your tastes and some people have serious allergies. ♦