I Saw You


Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park: I saw you Monday Feb. 10 around 11 am. I was with my friend and her daughter watching them play and jump. I was wearing my grey sweatshirt and blue jeans. You were blonde with cute black jeans on with what I'm assuming was your son. We kept making eye contact but I was to shy to come say hi. You definitely caught my eye. Coffee? Email me bamafootball523@gmail.com

Mysterious TG Lady: Saw you Thursday the 13th early in the morning at the Sprague HICO market... even with your hair up and looking sleepy, you looked great. Drove a little car with Idaho plates. Interested in sharing dinner or date?

Snapple? You came into Towners Conoco on Thursday February 13. I'd love to buy you that Snapple Apple next time.

Cheesy Fan of Cheese: I saw you at Ferraro's last week. Your smile and kindness to everyone lit up the room. I also appreciate another mozzarella stick aficionado. Next time they're on me?

Friday Mall Madness: I saw you traipsing about the mall on Friday, just as tired as me but just as excited to see people's eyes light up and enjoy the things they love and enjoy. We share that — finding joy in the joy of others. Next time let's find something that we both can chuckle about?

BRIGHTER: Neutron, you light up my life, literally. I can see clearly now, and for that, I am eternally grateful and blessed. Looking forward to the next: First Foyer Foray! - Illuminated-


A Personal Thank You: I want to commend my other half for supporting me through my hardships, and pushing me to keep going even when I want to quit. You're the reason I'm more confident in myself and abilities, you bring out the best in me, and you make me excited about the future. Every woman deserves a man like you. I love you.

Pat and Kat Our one year anniversary for being engaged is coming up (3/24/2019). And everybody keeps asking when we are going to get married or if we have a date set. All I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And whether we get married today, tomorrow or years from now... it won't make a difference. I love you so much baby. Here's to another year of being together! <3


In response to "young witch": You are very disruptive to others on the road. Attempting to use your moving vehicle for canine socialization on a busily traveled street is not acceptable. It is insane! You, behind the wheel, have a responsibility to safety and owe respect to other drivers and their passengers. This is not a place to endanger others with your selfish bizarre antics. As quoted by you, you were "driving on Dishman Mica, trying to catch up to the driver ahead of you so your dog could 'say hi' to her dogs because you thought it was cute." Good Lord! What is wrong with you? So many things could have gone seriously wrong, with you the cause. While near the intersection of Sprague and Evergreen I've seen you do this maneuver before. The first week of Feb. you raced and inched up to another car with a large breed dog in their car. Then you rolled your windows down, encouraging your dog to jump up and down hanging out your window, disturbing the driver and the big dog in the car that you rushed up to. You evidently need to learn that your dog is a great bother to other dogs when getting in their faces. Keep your eyes on the road and concentrate on safety! Leave others in peace to do the same. Stop racing up to other cars to bother them with your ill mannered dog. As a professional dog trainer and dog owner, I guarantee you, your actions and superior attitude are NOT at all cute! More than simply crossing boundaries, you are endangering many. You clearly do not understand canine behavior, respect and boundaries toward others, or the law of safety Your driving privilege should be revoked.

Kendall Yards: To the person who jeered Kendall Yards for the wall between the Health District building and the Market. You suggested that they ticket illegal parking in the market lot and make some money. What a joke. Maybe in your fantasy dream world people would pay the ticket, but in the real world they don't. I used to be the one issuing tickets to offenders and one junkie I ticketed told me if I F'ed with him again he would put a bullet in my head. Thanks for your suggestion, but I'll keep the wall.

Jeers to 'It's just beer': I don't speak for wherever you imbibed but... if you do indeed have respect for craft beer than maybe be appreciative that there is so much to offer here and help keep it that way by gracefully paying the perfectly reasonable fee for the luxury of having three beers at once. To calculate the value of your flight by figuring the cost by the gallon based on the menu price is simply not how it works. It'd be boring to list but if you considered everything it took to bring you the pleasure of playing Dionysus for the day you might not white-knuckle your coin purse so. This is one of the least expensive places to live in the country and it's also has one of the highest-densities of breweries. Count your blessings and tip your bartender.

Service workers: So I was on the train going to another city from Spokane. There was a washout on the tracks and we had to get towed back to Spokane, better safe than sorry. Well, not everyone was just happy to have been saved from being derailed. I get that it's frustrating not getting to the place you wanted on time but the workers and service knows what they are doing. There was no way to tell the complete damage done to the rails, and I would rather not risk going over broken rail ways just to get somewhere. But that's not my issue; at least two people, grown adults that should know better, who were just out of line to attack the workers aboard and customer service workers. I understand, it's frustrating that this happened, but it is not the fault of the workers. Wanna get mad about something? Get mad at mother nature, but really, no point. Both of the people I am referring to felt entitled to treat the workers poorly, snarling and snapping at them like it would do some good. The only thing it did was shed light on your characters, and how little empathy you have for what must have already been a stressful day for them. I get it, you've places to be, things to do, people to belittle. But you were not the only one that had a bad time on that train and not the only ones who were disappointed. It's perfectly alright to get mad about the situation, it's normal. But tearing down people just doing their jobs is a habit I've seen too often and it really bothers me. The two characters I saw on that train made me grateful to have been raised to treat people better. Try putting yourself in another person's shoes and see how you'd feel getting screamed at for something out of your control. ♦