Voters' Best Reasons to Visit... Spokane Valley

Voters' Best Reasons to Visit... SPOKANE VALLEY
Alicia Hauff photo
The Valley may not have a downtown, but it's got most things you need at the mall.

Visiting Spokane Valley is a little like when a child visits their grandparents' place: At first you don't understand why you're there, but after you leave with new toys, clothes and a full stomach, you can't wait to go back.

And the Spokane Valley Mall has all of that. It's why voters overwhelmingly chose it as the best reason to hang out in the Valley. In the reader's poll on why to visit the Valley, responses about the mall ranged from enthusiastic ("The numerous places to eat and shop") to nonplussed ("mall, I guess").

But as much as malls elsewhere may be going out of style, Spokane Valley Mall remains cool. The Valley may not have — or even want — a traditional downtown, but in terms of a community gathering place, the mall might be the closest thing, with excellent shopping, food and fun all in one area.

Coming in a distant second was Mirabeau Park, with one reader putting special emphasis on the turtles. In third was TT's Old Iron Brewery, chef Chad White's barbecue joint. And I'm sorry, reader, but while I'm sure it's a great place to spend some time, your "boyfriend's house" sadly didn't place in the top three reasons to visit the Valley.