I Saw You

Armed citizens... Cheers! Thanks for legitimately trying to protect our beautiful area from riots and violence. We are so sorry you were all labeled white-supremacist, as this is a very racist assumption! We know for a fact that there were multiracial armed citizens! JEERS to the local whiners who were 'uncomfortable' with your presence and LIED to reporters about having you on video intimidating people... Just like most news nowadays they only show what they want us to see and repeat lies over and over. Then people repeat back the same lies like parrots! Repeating the lies doesn't magically make them truth! WAKE UP fellow humans. Wake UP! Think for yourselves!

Put this one in the back: Hey Brittany, put this ONE in your car for your passengers to read. Do it.

Peaceful Summer Days & Nights?
Along with many other families we live on Wall St. My main observations and complaints are three things; the noisy and inconsiderate drivers, the folks that like to litter and those that like to rattle the windows with their bass speakers. The summer finally arrives and what a well deserved time of year after our long dark winters. But then the long dog days of summer are punctuated by the folks who require some public attention and admiration via their loud and most likely, illegal exhaust systems. Backfiring is awesome!. Ain't it cool when you really hammer the throttle as you drive by The Milk Bottle? The customers eating outside (many are tourist) are certainly impressed. Others may also have a need for speed, driving up Wall St. sometimes in excess of 60 mph sometimes passing other vehicles (it's not uncommon). People walk on the sidewalks. They walk their kids to school, they walk their dogs, it's not a racetrack. Idea...Why don't you try racing up and down the street where you live? If you need some attention, want to drive way too fast and make a ton of noise I'm sure you neighbors and kids would love that! Look what Daddy Does!!! Still littering? Really? Most of the civilized world realized, oh... probably 50 years ago that it just wasn't cool to through your garbage out onto the street. Idea...Wait until you get home and then throw it out all over your street & yard! Nice look Right? Now it's become our responsibility to pick up after you slobs that choose to use our homes as your trash receptacle. I'm sure you don't want to drive around with empty beer cans or bottles (the police frown on that) so, out the window they go, easy, over, done. Lastly is the friggin' bass that comes out of some vehicles. Love love love that at 2:30 am (while I was asleep), when you're on your way home from the bar and busy throwing trash and empties out of your car window. People, it's our town, so can't we all a little respect for each other? I'm sure most of you reading aren't guilty of any of these things and unfortunately those who are probably won't read this or maybe can't read, that would explain a lot. Please remember, people live on these main streets, it's home to them. Put yourself in their shoes. Slow down, live longer. Throw your trash in a garbage can, you'll feel better about yourself. Keep your bass down in town, you might want to be able to hear when you get old. Thanks y'all!

My roommate & his friend: Thanks both of you for having zero respect or integrity to not bother to inform me that your friend was working with the National Guard on the Covid Safety and not even informing me so that I can decide if I want to be around you. Plus zero social distancing on your part knowing the job you work. It's MY HOUSE and even as a guest, you should disclose that. Y'all, I'm not a sheeple. I don't wear masks everywhere and I prefer social distancing as normal. BUT seriously WTF? Who doesn't inform their roommate or what employee who is there to test folks for Covid not let you know? I stayed away from my folks for 2 months until Mother's Day because both are cancer survivors. All that social distancing was totally wasted anyhow. Y'all think these Covid employees they've hired all know what they are doing; really they are hiring 20 year old temps who enjoy video games and airsoft. They have ZERO brains and definitely don't see why contact tracing, forced quarantine or even red flag laws are an issue. Now amidst the state shutdown and my loss of job, I have to try and break lease and find even a tent to live in. I will not live with both Gestapo and complete clueless idiots. It was a breach of trust and a lack of integrity on their part and that I will not abide. Oh and get this.. Both are liberals with a hatred for Trump. How ironic that they would also be so moronic.

The Least Generation: We have gone from the Greatest Generation of WWII to the Least Generation that cannot spell sacrifice let alone make sacrifices for the greater good. If you really want to instigate change stop yelling and instead get educated about the challenges we face and the cold hard facts of life. Then vote intelligently and hold those you help elect responsible to fight for the changes you want. Vote!

On Edge: To the idiot on N Monroe St last week that cut me off and nearly gave my grandmother a heart attack as I was driving her to an appointment: Next time you decide to stop in the middle of the road while trying to cut across the street, and you cut someone off in their lane as they're stopping at a stoplight (and then you cross over to the WRONG side of the road just to drive in front of them and slam on your brakes), maybe wait until the time is right to cross over, or get in the damn lane before oncoming traffic is coming your direction. Your screaming profanities, waving your hands and hair everywhere, and honking your horn at me, and then putting not only me, but other drivers in danger as well, was completely unacceptable, which I'm hoping you could understand when I laid into my horn until you turned away. Not only was I thankfully calm the whole time, which allowed me to prevent my grandma from getting hurt from a car crash caused by YOU, but I was also pissed, and that's incredibly dangerous. Never underestimate a woman's love and protection of her grandmother.

Pet Dumper: To the A-hole that dumped a (very frightened) dog, south of Spokane. Hoping Karma rewards you in a big way. Also, heartfelt thanks to all the caring people who rendered assistance.

No justice for you! Protesters are idiots. Rioters and looters are bigger idiots. ♦