A Message from Innovia Foundation

The nonprofits of our region were among the first to feel the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic as necessary closures and operational restrictions interrupted the person-to-person work that defines these organizations. At Innovia Foundation, we are privileged to work alongside these nonprofit organizations as we pursue our mission to ignite generosity that transforms lives and communities. 

In the early weeks of the pandemic, we mobilized that mission in a new way as we joined with committed donors and partners (Spokane County United Way and Empire Health Foundation)  to assess the early impact of the outbreak and meet the evolving needs of our communities. In early March, we launched the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Funds for Eastern Washington and North Idaho (www.innovia.org/covid19), with over $3 million raised for local relief efforts. As stories pour in from our nonprofit partners, we are reminded of the caring generosity of the people who call this region home. Whether they are filling pantry shelves, donating laptops to students or distributing personal protective equipment among immigrant and refugee populations, our nonprofit partners are rising to meet the ongoing challenges of this time through tangible action. Since our inception in 1974, we have witnessed the power of connecting passionate people to our region’s most pressing causes and recognize that our nonprofit community is poised to make a difference during this time of need, as well. 

As a gesture of our commitment to the vitality of nonprofits in our region, Innovia Foundation is proud to sponsor this year’s Give Guide. The economic and social recovery of our region will require all of us working together.  We cannot do this work alone.

We invite you to peruse the nonprofits listed in this issue. Pick a few to support with your time, talent and resources. Thank you for joining us in this important work.

Shelly O'Quinn is CEO of Innovia Foundation.