I Saw You

Week of October 1st

Handsome biker:
I saw you on the evening of 9/24/20 at Dick's Hamburgers. I was pulling out of there and I seen you, a tall Black male who was with a bunch of other bikers. I was in a black car with tinted windows. If I recall, you were getting your helmet on. I looked your way, and our eyes met. You smiled and I turned my head, because I'm naturally a shy person. I just want to say that you caught my attention. Please be safe on the road!

Sconnie boy: Not sure what was thicker... those biceps or that accent. Thanks for getting my car started the other day. Wish we had more of your Midwestern kindness in Spokane. Say hi if you see me again, wish I wasn't so shy and got your number. I was the Civic, you the Ram.

Flag Hijackers: I saw you Saturday, waving the Flag on the overpass of I-90 and in the pickup trucks around town. I love my country but was hesitant to blow my horn in case you were one of those groups that has hijacked our flag to represent your hatred and belittlement of others who are not like you. You, who through a chance mixture of DNA, have less pigment in your skin, and think that makes you a better person, a smarter person, a more worthy person. Instead of thinking that it just makes you a little different, like all of us. So, no, I won't blow my horn when I see you waving your flags and signs. You have hijacked our flag. I'll wait until it's ours again to show my support for the country we love.

Conquistador Lamp: I'm searching for a lady that was selling a conquistador lamp on Craigslist. I almost bought it and backed out and regret doing so. If you see my ad could you please contact me. Thank you.

Sardines: We saw each other twice last week. Me, colorful clogs. You, dark rimmed glasses shopping with a cart full of frozen food and figuring out the exit code on the first try. (A man with a brain that can cook, ooh la la.) I didn't mean to call your crew but the sardined elevator ride brightened my evening. Let's meet. howlingsardines@gmail.com

Kudos to the Wilson Campaign:
Want to thank Dave Wilson and his volunteers for opening a campaign headquarters at 1611 N. Ash St. Now it is easy to register to vote and pick up signs for Democratic candidates. It's open 9-5 M-F, and I would tell everyone to stop in, meet the friendly volunteers, sign up for various activities, and pick up a yard sign or two or three for your favorite candidates.

Physical Therapy to the Heart: There is a wonderful physical therapist who works in the Silver Valley. Her name is Lisa. I happen to work for her same patients and today an older gentleman was doing some hand exercise she wanted him to do. He had me try it then went on to tell me Lisa was such a kind lady. A lady couldn't be any kinder. He told me she would do anything for you even climb a ladder. He is over 80 years old and he had the biggest smile on his face talking of her. And I realized, this is not the first time I heard praise for this lady from my older clients but more like the fourth or fifth time different folks have praised her. So in my eyes this woman deserves to be honored in some way. God Bless you Lisa! You make these sweet older people so happy, plus help them physically. What a lady!

I wore a printed face mask with the words "ONLY 2% EFFECTIVE" to Trader Joe's. You were waiting in line at my front before briskly walking towards me. You asked, fuming, "So, what's only 2% effective?" I answered, "Cloth masks only block about 2% of particles." You then marched back to your spot in line and continued ranting about something I couldn't quite hear; something having to do with doctors and oxygen. I was left taken aback and deflated as I stood with my young child and baby who looked up at me, bewildered. Is this how we now speak to strangers? Is this how dialogue has devolved? I understand we live in a polarized time and that we may (or may not) have differing viewpoints. I don't understand, however, why you confronted me in front of my children in such anger. My greatest hope for my little ones, our community, and our world is that we can converse with consideration, kindness, and in a shared appreciation for ideological diversity. Only then can we coexist in true respect for one another and pave a road built on freedom.

Craw Me A River: To the creepy Latah Creek Karens (tall senior fellow in a black jogging outfit and golf shirt, and a much younger woman [sigh] in a teal jogging outfit) who haunted the south bank Saturday: You were so stalking everyone, I was afraid even to take a pee and had to wait until the bigger bridge, just like a damned troll, thanks to your trolling and creepy following/rude comments. The fact that I had a crawdad dipping net prompted a sheepdogging competition between you and your paranoid girlfriend, then you had the cheapness and the gall to confront me on the bridge. You should be glad I was catching crawdads instead of going Donner Party on you both. I heard you harassing the two guys fishing as well. Wow. Go go Sheriffs of Nothingimportant... P.s. Eat the rich sounds very good right now. -Robin Hood

Felts Field Helicopter: Jeers to the helicopters in the Spokane Valley. We and many others, are in the direct flight path of your training flights. We have brought this to your attention with the hopes of changing your flight pattern to other nearby areas i.e. industrial areas, and undeveloped land in the proximity of your school with no cooperation. This morning within the two hours we counted 24 passes over our home... that is one every five minutes! It is like living in a war zone! You continued on after that and we actually lost count! You fly directly east and triangulate over West Valley High School, north to the river, then west back to Felts Field. It never ends day after day. It affects hundreds of people; do you even consider what this does to a community? How can you run a business at the expense of a community's well-being?

Apple Maggots!!! Thank you Gov. Inslee for the cases of apples that you gave the small town of Malden WA from your personal orchard after the town burned down. Rumor has it that those apples were loaded with Apple Maggots and that you grew up on an apple orchard. Shouldn't somebody with your experience have some knowledge what apple maggots can do to an apple orchard. Mr. Inslee it appears that you'd love to destroy Eastern Washington and everybody that doesn't agree with you ♦