Readers respond to a guest column calling out Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers for signing on in support of a Texas lawsuit to overturn the presidential election

Time to take off the gloves when it comes to challenging U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, argues guest columnist Steven A. Smith. - WILSON CRISCIONE PHOTO
Wilson Criscione photo
Time to take off the gloves when it comes to challenging U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, argues guest columnist Steven A. Smith.

Elisabeth Page: You added your name to a lawsuit that tried to throw out the legal votes of millions of Americans. You aligned yourself with a man calling for states to leave the union. At its worst, it is treason and voter suppression. At its best, it is behavior unbecoming a member of the United States Congress. For shame Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Geoff Carson: She would do anything to keep her radical right constituents riled up. She is the worst example of a leader.

John Ferris: Her shamelessly cynical signing of this sham document deserves a political reckoning next election. Surely there must be a Republican or Democrat in the 5th District with more scruples?

Michele Miller: Hero; Standing up against the suppression even though she knows she'll get backlash. Thanks, Cathy!

Bill Krels: So you're OK with throwing out other people's votes as long as it suits your personal agenda?

Lyn Cunningham: Please step up to challenge her. We need better representation now more than ever.

Sandra Felix Foy: I actually wrote to her to call out this despicable behavior. Of course, it is a continuation of her usual.

Lorna Hartman: I'm in her constituency. Have disagreed with her heavily in the past, but this is beyond disagreeing on political stances. This is her disagreeing with the system, period. A system you don't uphold, you shouldn't be governing, at any level.

Rebecca Shanna: More garbage reporting ... only one-sided and extremely hateful.

Don Lamp: Contact her and tell her she ought to resign. I just did.

Barb Laidlaw Murphy: What we need to do is get a viable candidate to run against her. Not quite kidding when I say don't we have a retired astronaut we can get.

Chris Warren: Simple solution ... the Constitution says that these representatives should not be seated come January.

Elizabeth Lochte: Eastern WA Republicans are loyal. That's the only thing they care about. Is there an R next to her name? We need term limits to get rid of career politicians on both sides.

Mickey Lonchar: Being a shameless political hack has served her well these past 16 years.

Mark Joplin: All commenters that are against her should also show outrage about the way Trump was treated by the Dems.

Charlene Evans: She is doing a fine job. Exactly why we voted her in. Unlike all the left-wing buffoons who are running in circles trying to prop old Joe up.

Karen Madsen Blaine: The House has the power to sanction all members who signed on to this sedition.

David Newton: She has to go for no other reason than this. But she is from a heavily red district and will win again, I am afraid, as they vote for her no matter how bad she is. And this is from someone who voted for her a few times back. ♦