Sound Advice

by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Dust-up Fallout & r & You ready for an all web-linked Sound Advice? Hope so. Following writer Isamu Jordan's column in 7 last week, The Big Easy throttled him on their MySpace page and then posted flyers on the doors of the building saying, "Due to the reoccurring falsehoods and outright lies that continually are reported by Isamu Jordan of the Spokesman-Review, we will no longer be advertising in their paper." The falsehoods and lies aren't immediately apparent to us, but check it out for yourself:

Read this:

Then this:, click "Rock Coffee -- the True Story"

Then this:

One Love, Three Dates & r & KYRS' resident reggae guy, DJ Yehochanan, is spreading the word about a five-date Inland Northwest tour by DJ Element of Zion's Gate Soundsystem, saying "This guy's one of the best reggae DJs in the Northwest." Two of the dates are already past, but you can see him in Sandpoint at Club Cynergy tonight, the Blue Spark tomorrow and spinning at the Blvd's Reggae Night on Sunday. Peep him here, though, first:

In related news, if you'd like to make the late great Ras Tafari Makonnen -- you know, Ethiopia's latter-day deity King Haile Selassie I -- your myspace homie, do so here:

Blog 3x & r & In response to your (our, everyone's) question, the answer is yes, MC Hammer does have his own blog. Hammer. Blog. Dope. Find it at You're welcome.