High Times

by LUKE BAUMGARTEN & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & D & lt;/span & espite what the activities on your college's quad might suggest, 420 isn't just for jam bands and djembes. Metalheads observe the stoner holiday. So do horror rappers. The day's built-in illegality discourages open advertisement, so we thought it'd be fun to guess where the high kids will be.

420 show with Rutah

Reasoning: The most obvious comes from an unobvious source. Weed and anti-Christian sentiment mix at the Black Metallists' CD release show. In the words of one incredulous MySpace commenter, "420 with RUTAH? OH I AM SO ALREADY THERE, LOL."

The Spread with Sand and Benign. 9 pm. $4. Call 456-4515.

Celebration of Colors IX

Reasoning: You had us at "multicultural music and dance." Add to that the Middle Eastern style percussion of the Scabland Band and you've got a nice, sedate way to bite some beats.

The Bing. 7 pm. $15. Visit www.ticketswest.com or call 325-SEAT.

Dead Poet and Wildcard

Reasoning: MySpace weed banners belie Dead Poet's nimble, complex naturalistic flows chronicling, among other things, drug addiction.

Centerstage with Mo-B and Mr. Mr. 7 pm. $10; $12 at the door. Call 747-5362.


Reasoning: Roots reggae, c'mon.

Prago. 9 pm to close. Free. Call 443-0404.