EWU PEC Building

We used to ride the 66 from the Jefferson Lot to EWU at the same time Fall Quarter. I was always going in to class or waiting, and you were always coming out of class in the PEC Building this last Winter quarter. I missed my last chance to introduce myself the week before finals when you left class and I ran up to the Free Lot to try and catch you, but kicked myself as you drove away in your red car. I was listening to one of my favorite John Craigie songs "Girl with the Nalgene Bottle" today, and it made me think of you. The girl with the green back pack, long brown hair, and I could have sworn at least once I saw a nalgene bottle. I'm done after this quarter, no longer in the PEC Building now, and I would like to have the chance again to at least say "Hello" before I leave the area.