MORNING HEADLINES: Apple and airplanes

Apple anticipation You doubted us when we told you an Apple store was coming to Spokane. You scoffed! But indeed, Apple has requested permits to replace the late, great Eddie Bauer store. (SR)

Days of the condo The condo craze from 2006 is still doling out consequences. The Riverstone development in Coeur d'Alene saw the construction of 128 condos, but 58 remain vacant. Twenty of those will be put up for auction next week. (KXLY)

For twenty-way ties, they use a Dungeons and Dragons die Republican Committeeman for Precinct 8 normally wouldn't be worth writing about. Except this race ended in an exact tie — 123 to 123. The result? A coin flip. (CdA Press)

They know how to fly, but landing is another matter A flight from Oakland, Calif., to Spokane on Southwest Airlines took nine hours. The reason? The flight crew wasn't experienced enough to use the instrumentation required to land in Spokane, so they flew to Seattle, landed, flew back to Spokane, flew back to Seattle, and then landed in Spokane with a crew that knew what they were doing. (KREM)

Do tell The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which allowed the military to fire gays if they revealed their sexuality (and which even the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff asked be repealed) has been a subject of intense debate since 1993. But now, the House has voted to allow its repeal. (NYT)