Food scraps soon to be OK for 'Clean Green' bins

It's about time you introduced last night's pizza box to the scraps from your freshly mowed lawn. They always did have a lot in common, or at least they can both be used in next summer's garden.

Starting Monday, July 12, Spokane County residents can include food scraps and food-soiled paper in their curbside "Clean Green" bins, which are currently designated for weeds, tree branches and other yard-related rubbish. Materials in the Clean Green bins will be composted and later sold back to residents for garden and landscape projects. 

Residents who subscribe to curbside pickup can drop debris in the Clean Green cart for their garbage hauler. Those without the convenience of the early-morning pickup can take scraps and clippings to the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System (SRSWS) facilities on Geiger Boulevard, Elk-Chattaroy Road, or Sullivan Road. 

Feel free to toss: food scraps, cardboard boxes, paper bags, food-soiled paper towels and napkins, tea bags and coffee grounds and filters.

Don't include: plastics of any kind, plastic-coated or "shiny" paper or cartons, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, liquids or glass. SRSWS encourages a "When in doubt, leave it out" mantra for making these distinctions.

For more specifics or directions to STSWS facilities visit or call 625-6800.