Trailer Thursday!


Despite a poster that could double as an advert for The Bucket List sans the racial diversity, Get Low is a surprisingly warmhearted drama proving that the sum of a cast can be greater than the whole. Infused with the same tall-tale antics of Big Fish, Robert Duvall plays a prominent Southerner who vanishes into the woods. Forty years later, he wants to know what people think about him — so he decides to hold his own funeral just a little bit early. (DH) Rated PG-13 Showtimes


You might have thought exorcisms had been excised from the film world, thanks to The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose, but that movie cleverly limited the ecumenical evacuations to a single person. This one’s a fauxmentary about a priest who allows his final documentary to be filmed. (Begrudgingly, dammit! He didn’t want to do it! They made him!) Let’s hope we can finally put this tired movie plot to rest. Until, y’know, it lumbers back to life — like a zombie. (DH) Rated PG-13 Showtimes


After The Dark Knight, any movie that opens on a bank robbery scene seems a bit played out. Smartly, the movie casts teenaged Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christian) and the white guy from the Fast and the Furious movies (Paul Walker) to keep our interest. Meticulously plotted heists perpetrated by good-looking people? I’d say that makes this The B-Team, but that joke’s probably too funny for this movie. (DH) Rated PG-13 Showtimes