MORNING HEADLINES: Wolves and the underworld

The future of conservation futures Tonight, 36 properties nominated to be purchased with conservation futures money will be presented at a public meeting at City Hall today. In a controversial decision last year, Conservation futures were used to purchase the old YMCA building. (SR)

Looking for a wolf pelt to go with your wolf posters and airbrushed wolf T-shirt? If you live in Idaho, you’ll have to purchase one, instead of shooting it. This season, wolves returned to the endangered species list. And when you’re on the endangered species list, you can do all the gallivanting you want, no fear that it’s your season. (KXLY)

Don’t cry for the Lake City Playhouse Turns out, its performance of Evita was a massive hit. Just three years ago, things were looking pretty dire for the Lake City Playhouse. But now, it seems to be thriving. (CdA Press) Craigslist is a whole new era for con artists. A Spokane man is accused of renting the same house to five different families using the classifieds website. (KREM)

Minecraft and statescraft The Bolivian miners are finally free from the Chilean mine they were working at. Not only is that nice for the miners and everything, it’s a great deal for the diplomatic relations between the two countries. (NYT)