THIS JUST OUT: Tech N9ne [Hearts] Lil Wayne edition


True Grit
Though not considered the pinnacle of their filmmaking, this Coen Brothers remake of the John Wayne classic cleaves closer to Clinton Portis' original novel, displaying the brothers' unparalleled love for the poetry of American vernacular speech. You'll spend half the film awed by the beauty of the vistas, half wishing you spoke like Rooster Cogburn. Rated PG-13

Claustrophobic cave-escape horror from Executive Producer James Cameron, just dying to 3-D the shit out of as many weird film topics as possible. (Not to be confused with Werner Herzog's 3-D cave doc, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, now in theaters.) Rated R

Blue Crush 2
Because the girl-surf-film industry is too big to fail. Rated PG-13

AC/DC: Let There Be Rock
Ditto the 30th-Anniversary-boomer-rock-doc market. Rated PG


All Sixes and Sevens | Tech N9ne
We're confused and a little scared here, but it appears that the new album from Spokane's favorite touring horror rapper features collaborations with a bunch of mainstream pop-hop artists — B.o.B., Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, mother-effing T-Pain. To quote David After Dentist: "Is this real life?" We fear it is, kiddo.

Further confusing the issue is the album title, which seems to hint that N9ne has developed a love of Geoffrey Chaucer. The mind leaps: Is this a Troilus and Criseyde concept album?!?! Maybe, but track names like "Am I a Psycho?" and "Fuck Food" suggest the world hasn't quite spun off its axis just yet.

Suede / Dog Man Star | Suede 
Reissue of two albums from influential '90s Brit-poppers

Suck It and See | Arctic Monkeys 

Arabia Mountain | Black Lips 


Red Faction: Armageddon | PS3, XBOX, PC

Decade-old Martian-mine-worker shooter franchise ditches its oblique socialist references and gives us a nutso, megalomaniac bad guy who looks half Sith Lord, half Juggalo

InFamous 2 | PS3
Sequel to the beloved be-good-or-evil superhero action epic. 

Operation Flashpoint: Red River | PS3, XBox, PC 
Crappy AI hinders the multiplayer of this Rainbow Six-style FPS sim just when it wanted to go more Call of Duty.