Road Rage

It was August 31. You: red Camero. Me: black Jeep. Heading north on
Division. We sat at a red light. Green light you did not move. Distracted?
I counted 5 sec. and then beeped my horn. No movement. I beeped again. You
looked up and began to move at snail pace. There was heavy traffic that
day. No way to pass you. I laid on the horn. Still you moved so slowly.
This continued. You sped up then slow down. I rode your bumper. At one
point you stopped. Refusing to move. Blocking a huge line of traffic from
moving forward. I became infuriated! You had a child and a dog in the car
and I had the same. You were trying to anger me. As soon as I could I flew
by you. Speeding and passing on the right just barely making it. Putting my
child, self, and dog at risk. How could we both be so ignorant? I thought
holding a driver back would defuse them. Incorrect! That is just another
form of road rage. Both of us deserve a BIG fat JEERS!