Texting Mom

At Silverwood 9/24. To the rude mom sitting on her butt texting. My
daughter, who is 3 didn't cut in front of your child. She was standing next
to her older sister waiting patiently to get on a ride and your daughter
kept putting her arm out and pushing my daughter because she thought she
cut in line. I explained to your daughter nicely that she's not cutting and
to keep her hands to herself. Seconds later, your daughter leaves the line
to go find you, cuts back into the line and then you re-arranged the kids
in line to put yours in front of mine. Had you been smart enough you might
have noticed there were 3 kids in front of your daughter and 7 seats on the
ride, she was getting on next anyways. Plus you allowed your daughter to
cut back into the line line and then had the nerve to make catty comments
to me saying they weren't going to let my kid on anyways. I told you if you
hadn't been sitting on your butt texting you might have seen what happened.
Your adorable daughter was all by herself in line, looked a little shy
and/or overwhelmed so I could see why you'd get involved. Next time take
part and be with her, teaching her some class and manners, be proactive.