MORNING BRIEFING: A new mayor and the (hilarious?) immaturity of the Internet


Nearly a week since ballots proved Spokane residents' desire for a new leader, Mayor Mary Verner conceded yesterday to Mayor-elect, David Condon. Verner took to Facebook to spread her message — posting two statements of concession, including one that jabbed at the Condon campaign for its "partisan domination strategy with out-of-town consultants, push polls and shrewd positioning of medial mouthpieces." Later that day, Condon hosted his first newsconference, and Verner posted a new Facebook profile picture — one in which she's dressed as Rosie the Riveter. (SR)

And, the guy's not even in office yet, but Condon is already getting teased on Twitter about the easiest way to mis-type his name… do we have to even say it? What is this, the playground? (Twitter)

Yesterday the forewoman in the jury that convicted Spokane cop, Karl Thompson, for the came out against allegations by defense lawyers that the jury had been exposed to television reports giving details about Otto Zehm. "I could tell that none of them were being fed information from the outside." (SR)

Three separate residential fires early Wednesday morning had local firefighters scrambling. But one, in a Vinegar Flats double-wide, killed two. (KREM)

And, the inevitable: we'll see some snow today. (KHQ)


You've got to be kidding. We have airport security that won't allow you to sneak through toenail clippers, but a bullet can hit the White House?! (NYT)

Two GOP candidates are becoming known more for their f*%!-ups, and less for their platforms … which are what exactly? (LA Times)

Who'd have ever guessed this what happen? The US will deploy 2,500 US Marines over the next year to … Australia. (BBC)

This just in: America is a bunch of dopers. (Daily Beast)