Jeers to all that voted for Costco to endanger our kids lives and futures.
Its not hard to see the impact in other communities that have liquor easily
available, I mean look at LA for crap sake! I have an idea, lets bring a
whole bunch of drugs into town, that way the police and fire dept can have
some job security, at the cost of innocent people getting hurt by someones
bad decision. Its clear that in times of depression people lean towards
alcohol, so lets just let the rich get richer on the tears of everyone
suffering through this recession. Shame on all off you who think this is a
good idea. FOUR LOCO is to dangerous, but this, 1183, is ok. Most important
to all who think this is gonna mean better prices and more local resources
and safety, !!!news flash!!! your favorite bottle is now going to cost you
more than ever. Proof that not everyone should be voting!