RE: Fake Sob Story

Hi, my name is Brandon, and I will be your teacher today. I will pull up in
my sporty, compact, white car and tell you that I am a really good guy
because I work at a hospital, or I live in your neighborhood, or both. I
need to borrow some gas money and I promise to bring it back. I can show
you I.D. I do say thank you, I am grateful for your help. I have dark hair
and am skinny, in my late teens early 20's about 5'8". Yes, I do look like
Jay Baruchel, kinda geeky. I act like I'm in a hurry and this is an
emergency. I never say how much I need, I allow you to be as generous as
you want to be to a perfect stranger. Then I drive away. Now you are the
teacher. Remember, we teach by example. Will you act as if you lost your
life's savings to Bernie Madoff when I don't return? Will you never, ever
trust another person on this planet because of me? Will you rant and rave
and tell your 'victim story' over and over? Will you allow this event to
define you? Will you feel bad about yourself because you got suckered? Or
will you look deep into your heart and say, 'I am a kind and giving person.
Since there is no way for me to tell the diference between someone who is
really in need or is practicing to become a professional con artist, I err
on the side of faith and trust. I did the right thing, no matter what the
out come is, and I can live with that. I'm a good person and this event
proved it once again. I too gave him money when he approached me on the
south hill at my driveway. My guides told me I could 'afford' to 'lose'
five dollars, so that is what I gave him. I was disappointed in him when he
did not return, but I was never disappointed in myself because I did what
was right, I lived my integrity. Since then, as I have needed money it has
come easily to me. A complete stranger loaned me ten bucks for gas and I
payed him back. You can heal a hurt by changing how you look at it, it
costs you nothing to try. I thank you and bless you Brandon for the good
karma that has only cost me $5.00) Namaste, Chevy