For all of those servers that complain about not getting enough tips, you
should realize tipping is a choice, not a requirement. I have been a server
many times and it doesn't take long to realize that your tips are a
reflection of your service. If you are getting lousy tips, it's probably
because you are a lousy server. That's called logic. Try being friendlier
to your customers. You obviously don't 'rely' on those tips to survive and
you fool no one by saying so. Many workers make the same wage you do with
out the tips and I don't hear them complaining nearly as much. Is it so
much to ask to not have a server that acts as though you are
inconveniencing them because they actually have to do their job? Bad
service runs rampant in Spokane. I vote for making you guys get the
standard $2.13 that most other states get. Maybe if you really did rely on
those tips it would serve as motivation for you to do a better job and be
nicer to your clientele. FYI: Our country is also in a recession, in case
you didn't get the memo. The majority of the population is suffering
through it. Unemployment rates are ridiculous. Stop whining and be happy to
have a job!