Thank You!

Last week, in search of my misplaced wallet that I left in one of the
shopping carts at one of our local Goodwill stores, I frantically drove
myself back to the store to see if it was indeed lost forever. To my
surprise, a wonderful good samartian savy-shopper saw my little wallet and
immediately turned it in to the lost and found. I am sincerely grateful! I
regret the fact that I didn’t ask whom the good samartian was that turned
in my wallet. Had I done so, I would have rewarded them for not taking all
my cash, and Christmas gift cards that were tucked ever so neatly and
discretely in my wallet. But alas, I have the Inlander to share my
good-deed-doer to the world in hopes that Karma may be kind their way.
Thank you thank you! Sincerely-me!