You Misinterpreted

When you were in high school you were working and going to school. I knew
how hard this was for you. Your mom wanted you to work more and pay rent.
You were scared she was going to kick you out. Both you and my daughter
asked me if you could move in. I took you into my home. You became a member
of our family and I loved you like a son. After many years you broke up
with my daughter. You misinterpreted stuff written on facebook, it was not
directed at you. I did not believe that you cheated on her. You wrote angry
things back, putting my daughter down. She did not deserve that. The
message was directed at your mom who had written negative things to me on
facebook. I was angry at her and I should not of done that. You still do
and will always have a special place in my heart. I still pray for you
every day. I pray for God's guidance in your life, your safety, and that
you will one day come to know God as I do. I love you and you will always
be special to me. XXXXOOOO