Bird & The Butterfly

There once was a bird that was afraid to fly. It wasn't because the bird
didn't know how to fly, he was just afraid of being hurt again like he had
been in past flights. This led the bird to close himself off to other
animals leaving him sad and lonely. This continued for years. Then one day
his whole life changed. Bird and his critter friends went out for a night
on the town and that's when he saw her. The most beautiful butterfly he had
ever seen in his life. Bird couldn't take his eyes off of her and the red
bow she was wearing. He had never seen the butterfly before but he
instantly knew there was something special about her. Bird was shy, but
with some courage he was able to talk to the beautiful butterfly. Talks
turned into dates, dates turned into spending days together, days together
into weeks, then months. Together they have been on many adventures and
still fly side by side to this day. The beautiful, smart, and funny
butterfly has shown the once lonely bird how to fly again. I LOVE YOU LRP!