Restaurant Patron

Jeers to the couple who came into our restaurant tonight and decided to
take out their own error on the server. Why don't you try reading the menu
before you order off of it. It's not my fault you're disappointed with the
item you ordered! I can give one of you the benefit of the doubt and assume
that maybe you can't read, but both of you? The word *NACHO* isn't that
difficult. And don't complain half way through your food and expect it
taken off your bill. I would have been happy to get you something different
had you expressed your dislike after the first bite. This isn't a charity,
it's a business and when you get what you've ordered you are supposed to
pay for it. So either way - like or dislike, have the decency to look "the
man" in the eye as you "stick it to him" with your four cent tip and lack
of tact.