I Saw You Cheat

I just want to let you know that I saw you cheating on two different
occasions during our Biology lab quizzes and exams, and I really think you
are a big loser! I study my ass off to get good grades on my tests to be
able to get accepted into my two year program, and it really angers me to
see you getting away with looking at the pics of your biology notes on your
smartphone to get the answers on the exam, then get a good grade!! Our
Biology instructor puts her complete trust in all of us as students to not
cheat,and you my friend (NOT), bend her over everytime we take a test! What
a fricking disgrace you are to society. You are probably one of the so
called students taking advantage of the system by going to college and
doing the minimum so you can get that big fat check at the beginning of
every quarter to supposedly use on school books and classes, but are using
it instead to support your pathetic life. Get a life and quit going to
college if you do not want to learn the right way.