Shame on the bank for not wanting to go the extra mile to help your
customers. My husband and I have been loyal customers for 7 years never any
problems except for when we need your help. You have denied us not once,
but twice for loans due to our credit scores. My husbands credit score is
692 and mine is 673 which from what I was told from another bank we had to
get the loan from those scores are pretty average. They certainly aren't
bad! I guess we shouldn't feel bad since word of mouth is you aren't
lending to anyone, isn't that pretty sad that your loyal customers have to
go elsewhere to get loans or to get help. If you are not there to help your
customers, then who are you there for. I would think long and hard before
you continue to deny people if it happens too often we will just have to
move on to a bank that has out best interests and our money in mind.