Radio Stations

To the local radio stations of Spokane, I am a single voice among thousands
who is tired of your lackluster programming, and the ten to fifteen songs
you play over and over again and call music. I am not naïve to believe that
there isn’t a place for the “music” you play, I like to party and dance
too, but you do nothing for those who are looking for substance in our
popular music. You bring nothing to our small community but auto-tuned
teenagers and mindless drivel. Your choice in what you play makes me think
that you feel we are stupid, and that we won’t buy into the likes of Arcade
Fire, Jack White, Animal Collective, Bon Iver and so on. Spokane is much
more cultured and intelligent than the sh*t (pardon my French) you provide
for our listening enjoyment. Step up and take a chance on the countless
genres that make up independent music (punk/ post-punk/ indie folk/ rock n’
roll/ etc. etc.) and even some of the big record labels. If you describe
yourself as “the Mix” then mix it up, and stop following one another like
lemmings into the abyss of corporate mindless radio. Help make the airwaves
of Spokane more than a continuous loop of Gotye crying and Foster the
People killing people over some ‘Pumped up Kicks’ (there are much better
songs on that album). Be more. Be better.