Re: Downtown Hoodlums

Ok, I'm not defending anyone's actions here, I'm truly sorry you were hit
by a rock or whatever, I am. Obviously some really disrespectful kids and
that sucks. And speaking of disrespectful, how about we talk about that
comment you made "they should get rid of their tattoos and piercings and
get a job." Really? Because obviously tattoos and piercings, not actions,
determine a persons character. Newsflash: I am a (heavily) tattooed woman
with a great job, a great family and an education. I also happen to be a
proud member of an international non profit organization comprised of
thousands of women just like me! We have raised tens of thousands of
dollars for charity. Our love of piercings and tattoos along with our
enormous hearts have brought us together to make a positive change in the
world and in our communities! So you go ahead and have your little pity
party. Hold your head high and wallow in the stench of your smugness.
Meanwhile, those of us who actually give a damn will continue to make the
world a better (and more colorful) place.