Cities Regulation

Cheers to Spokane for finally doing something to rid or at least regulate
this city of the annoying begging bums. Jeers to anyone who has ever given
them a dime. Jeers to anyone who thinks these people are not harmless. Have
you ever looked into the amount of class 3 sex offenders and child
molesters that congregate in Spokane because they know they can get a hand
out here. I am so sick and tired of seeing half nude bodies sleeping on the
side of the street on my way to work in the morning. Hopefully the new
regulations will help save me from ever being asked (by sign) for a smile
when I see their dirty, filthy, drug addicted bodies standing on the curb.
Even if these new regulations only eliminate one sign holding begger it
will be worth it, because as they themselves say, "anything helps"