"A person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or
feelings." My stated belief: That actions, not tattoos determine character.
Did I stand by that? Absolutely. Did I back it up with a good example of
what tattooed and modified people are capable of? Absolutely. Was I rude?
Absolutely. Was I rude because my tattoos make me a bad person? Absolutely
not. I was rude, because I have to deal with people like you constantly.
You actually proved my point. My actions define me. The good and the bad.
Not my tattoos or piercings, not my clothes or my hair color. Not my age,
gender or socio economic status, my actions. I don't regret standing up for
myself. I have to do it every day. That was a choice I made when I got all
of my tattoos. Maybe I didn't go about it in the best way, but I will
continue to fight against small minded people like you that try to put
people like me in a box. Saying that someone is bad because they have
tattoos is no different than discriminating agains someone because they
have red hair or like country music or anything else that might be
different from you.