Re: Hit and Run

Re: Hit and Run To the person who called me an 'idiot': You must have
misunderstood my position because despite your vastly superior knowledge
and insight on the subject of cats that get hit by cars (which is what my
letter was about...hmmm...what are we talking about now?), we are on the
same side. Humans who acquire domestic animals and then neglect, abuse,
and/or abandon them should not own them. As far as deliberately running
animals over, I suppose there are some sick people who aim for a cat in the
road though I'm going to continue believing those folks are the exception
to the rule, if you will pardon my limited apprehension on the subject of
psychopaths in comparison to your personal expertise in that milieu. My
letter was a response on behalf of a guy who was getting chewed-out for not
stopping after hitting a cat in the road (and that cat had an owner, by the
way, and now I'm the idiot because homeless cats exist, go figure).Your
letter was a response to call me an idiot, though we are of the same
opinion on the subject. I have a huge conscience and the real difference
between us is this: I make regular donations to shelters for homeless
people and animals, and keep them in my prayers; you feed and encourage
stray/homeless cats in your neighborhood so they mate and populate and
maybe someday they'll form a big ol' dead-kitty-speed bump right in front
of your house. Then it can be on your conscience, idiot, for life.