Coeur d'Alene Local Boy

I see you almost every day. I talk to you when I don't. You know me better
than most people do and I know you better than you think. You simply amaze
me with your kindness, your love for your children, how you surround
yourself with genuine people, your unique ability to inspire everyone you
meet, including myself. I love that you are able to teach me new things
everyday, your smile throws me off everytime. You drive me so crazy! I
could talk to you for hours about nothing and everything. I long to wrap my
arms around you and share lifes ups and downs. I know you have someone and
it's complicated but she's not for you. I truly believe I could be. I pray
that you feel it too. When you're ready I will be here. I can be so much
more than your right hand girl if you let it happen. Until that day thanks
for keeping it Coeur d'Alene.