RE: Customer Service

I am not in the service industry, but it sounds like you just had a bad day
saying the meal came way before you were finished with your salad (which
happens at a lot of eating establishments all over town). Strikes me as
you're being the type of person who would complain if the meal came after
you were done with your salad. Furthermore, a food order should be turned
in as soon as possible because if you didn't know, the average time for a
meal to reach a patron is around 12 minutes, thus if you wait 'til you
dilly dally with your salad technically that would be too late for you.
Another thing, if you say well done, that means well done, I'm sure if you
couldn't get a fork into it the manager would have been called by you (you
complainer). Speaking of manager, that's who you talk to about freebies not
the waitress. They can not give out the establishments food and drinks for
free, so saying "she didn't even ask us if we wanted something else or
offer us a free meal, she can't (you complainer), that's up to the manager.
So quit being a grumpy old man unless you're trying out for Grumpier Old
Men 4 in theatre's soon. Chill out a little or cook yourself.