Give it Up

Listen - If it makes you feel better about yourself to talk about something
you have no clue about, fine - that's one thing, but if you're just having
some kind of fit because I denied your friend request on FB a couple weeks
ago, then come on man, quit being so daft! What would make you think I
would want some punk stalker as my friend? And the bit about jail? Now
that is where I'm totally clueless, enlighten me, fool, or is that just
some more of your babble b.s? Whatever it is, you should stop while you're
considerably behind. Now if you'd like to talk Karma! Where is it that you
have found yourself living/working? Ya - that's what I thought, you
drunk. Keep talking, cuz it's doing wonders for ya. btw - the new bleach
job you did on yourself is horrendously I guess it fits
you. Later, Not!