CITY HALL EYEBALL: Did someone ask for irony? Nat'l Ombudsman conference coming to Spokane

The irony, oh, it's delicious.

So, by the time the convention-goers roll their wheelies into town and settle down at the Chili's for a burger, Spokane might be an ombudsman orphan. 

The National Association of Ombudsmen will hold their national convention here in Spokane in early October. That would be right after the date Mayor David Condon had hoped to have Spokane's police ombudsman, Tim Burns, kicked out of City Hall. After refusing to renew Burns' contract, the good Mayor wanted Burns to pack his bags by September.

As if it weren't bad enough our police ombudsman — the person who helps keep police accountable — couldn't have independent investigation powers

Condon hasn't said who will fill in for Burns or what qualities he's looking for in a new police ombudsman. Or why doesn't want to keep Burns. Or when a new one will be hired.

Does the National Association of Ombudsmen know any of this? Tough to say, but if not I bet they'll get a learnin' real soon. Welcome to Spokane.

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