Oktoberfest Brewfest

Riverfront Park, Saturday, 9/22/12. You are Nicole and I am Bill. We
introduced ourselves at the Brewfest. You were there with a female friend
and an older gentleman that you danced with. You inquired if I danced and I
had to reply, "No". (I proved that later when I danced with you). You
later allowed me to take a picture of you. I know that I should have taken
the opportunity to talk to you when we introduced ourselves, but
unfortunately I hesitated. I would appreciate a chance to meet you again. I
will be more talkative! Maybe we could meet for a coffee, lunch, beer or
whatever. I hope you read this and that I will hear back from you soon. I
know that I am searching for a needle in a haystack, but I do have to give
it a try! When you reply, tell me what I did next after we introduced
ourselves and shook hands. Only you will know this! Please reply to: