Helicopter Noise

To the very loud decibels of the Army donated helicopter and searchlight,
otherwise known as the Air One Copter, that circles over my house at 2am.
every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of summer. To the most passive
citizenry and misguided city council that loves its military gadgets and
looks up to its protectors a/k/a excessive force experts., because "What
else are you going to do in property crime capital in a Great Recession?
Let's use an effective Los Angeles style policing tactic (remember OJ?) on
the Spokies' 200,000 residents because it is cheaper than paying officer
salaries on the ground. Yet how much does it cost taxpayers per hour to
run that dinosaur? How long must my good friend, a Vietnam vet and others
like him, endure mass PTSD when he hears the roar of the chopper within a
mile of his house? Get out of your cubby holes Spokies and voice your
opposition loudly to the city council that approved this noise!