Eat pizza for a good cause

Unfortunately, it's just Wednesday. We're all feeling a bit tired as the week drags on and just want to go home and relax. We totally understand this feeling, which is why we're telling you about a really cool event that solves your problem of not wanting to do anything when you get home (including making dinner), and also helps out a local Spokane woman who's in need of a very expensive medical treatment that's the last chance at saving her life.

If you haven't heard Cat Davis's story, let us get you up to speed. Three years ago, the 25-year-old Spokane woman was with a disease called Scleroderma. You can read all about Cat and her experience with the painful disease on her website, and get updates on Cat's status on her Facebook page

After trying almost every treatment out there to no avail, Cat has one option left that doctors are pretty sure will work -- a stem cell transplant. The only problem was that it's estimated to cost about $175,000 and until yesterday, Cat's insurance plan was denying coverage for the procedure.

While part of the treatment costs thankfully now will be covered, there's still a lot that's unfunded: transportation to or from Chicago, where she'll undergo treatment, any follow-up procedures or medications, travel and living costs for the family member who'll be there with her, and her insurance plan's deductible is still really high.

So, Cat and her family aren't out of the woods just yet, which is why so many community members and local businesses are still finding ways to support her and raise money to help. The list of local businesses and organizations that have stepped up to help Cat is impressively long, and today one more is adding its name.

All we need to do is stop by one of 18 Inland Northwest Papa Murphy's pizza outlets (all located around Spokane and Coeur d'Alene) and order any regular-priced, family-size pizza. For every one sold today, the franchisees have agreed to donate $3 to Cure for Cat.

Think of how quickly those donations will grow. It's an easy way to help, and in the end you can go home, pop that pizza in the oven and voila - dinner is served!