RE: Strollers

I would like to respond to the kind individual who expressed such anger
about the enormous inconvenience of having to sometimes "go around"
people's "spawn carriers" (in normal society, we call those strollers). I
know it's hard, walking three extra steps to go around my baby and I. I
know you are under the impression that the only possible reason I would let
my baby venture out in public is because I was "unable to find a sitter".
It's hard to believe, but I actually enjoy spending time with my "spawn",
and I don't even need a babysitter because I like taking him out in public
with me! Weird right? I agree on one point though, taking those three extra
steps to go around my stroller can be quite taxing. Do you feel the same
way about people in wheelchairs? How dare they be unable to walk! How about
we make a law, if you can't walk you are a second-rate citizen and you
should stay home because you might be a huge inconvenience to some lazy
jerk who can't stand taking extra steps to go around you.